COASTAL was established from spending time in the ocean and nature itself. Our goal is to build a sustainability focused community, our products are our way to reach like-minded people and connect. We're a brand that celebrates the everyday. We understand the necessity to preserve our planet and that adding more things into the world isn't ideal, we're doing what we can to minimize our footprint, create things that last and are made for adventure without harming our planet.

Be good, do good

Partner up! We're working with organizations doing good, good things! This means that we donate, volunteer and use our voice to help our community. 

Dead stock isn't dead

There is already enough being produced each day, we believe we can use what is already in circulation. We’re dedicated to up-cycling and recycling, so we can solely depend on materials already produced. Most of our fabric is dead stock that otherwise would go to waste. The fabrics we do use are non-toxic, natural and certified materials like ECONYL®, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and natural linen, which don't hang around our planet too long. We also run a swimwear recycling program, so that we can regenerate the fabric, giving it new life. 

Come together

As proud member of Ecologi we offset our carbon footprint and for every order we plant trees, each one is grown and protected in Madagascar. Our Mangroves store 4x the carbon compared to tropical rainforests. Via Ecologi you can see the impact that purchases have in real-time.

Pack me up

Our own in-house recycling practices ensure less waste is transferred into landfill. Thus, we want our packaging to be as sustainable as possible. Our tags are good enough to eat, made of corn which makes them 100% biodegradable. For online orders, we deliver in non plastic mailers fully compostable, so you can go ahead and pair them with your organic waste.

Our store

Our store and office is 100% upcycled. We have restored the place using only repurposed wood for the furniture, brought back to life the original floors and decorated it with plants saved by friends and now loved by us. Visiting us, you’ll be treated to a great cup of locally roasted coffee from our vintage coffee machine.  We also run a swimsuit recycling program. Come by with your old swimwear, drop it into our recycling box and get a discount code.