Our promise

COASTAL was established from spending time in the ocean and nature itself. Our goal is to build a sustainability focused community, our products are our way to reach like-minded people and connect. We're a brand that celebrates the every day. We understand the necessity to preserve our planet and that adding more things into the world isn't ideal, we're doing what we can to minimize our footprint, create things that last and are made for adventure without harming our home. We're not at our best yet, but making progress each day. This process sometimes takes time, but it starts with a promise, and we pinky-promise.

Conscious Commerce

We aim to partner up with awesome organizations that are doing good. This means that we donate, volunteer and use our voice to help our community in any way we can to support their cause. Our priority is the environment, our whole lives we’re chasing after the next adventure, climbing mountains and surfing waves, if you’re going to spend your life dreaming of the mountains and the sea, taking every chance to escape into them, you have to be better about how you treat them, it’s a two-way street, nature gives you something but heck you better be doing something positive for it too, and most definitely not polluting/harming it in return, that's not cool.

Favorite Fabrics

There is already enough being produced each day, we believe we can use what is already in circulation. We understand the necessity to preserve our planet, leave it better than we found it, that’s why we’re dedicated to up-cycling and recycling, so we can solely depend on materials already produced, let's help salvage what’s already been done. We're also committed to using only non-toxic, natural and certified Organic materials like ECONYL®, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and natural linen, which don't hang around too long.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Our goal is to build a sustainable brand, that lets us raise our voice about important causes, lets us lend a helping hand, more on that soon!